Today's Shout Out - George & Kylie Bremner, Pahiatua

Today's Shout Out - George & Kylie Bremner, Pahiatua

01 May 2018 by Sophie

Today’s Shout Out is to George and Kylie Bremner, from Northern Wairarapa. George and Kylie are great examples of the power of having clear goals and a vision of how to get there. Despite their journey having some rather significant challenges and hurdles, they have recently realised their dream and are now the proud owners of their own farm as well as share farming a neighbouring block. They're great models of tomorrows farmers – proving that with a lot of hard work you can achieve farm ownership if you really want to. Not ones to sit back, expansion and growth is a key goal, so they are doing a bit of contracting (tractor work), plus George is working as a Stock Agent for RuralCo NZ and Kylie drives for Fonterra.

As such they’re off farm a bit and when they heard about Cloud Farmer they realised it would be the perfect tool for their farming business; from initial set up of the system to embedding the culture they wanted to create within their farming enterprise. When their casual starts in spring time they’ll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s happening on farm. Plus as a bonus it’s also easy to use Cloud Farmer to record any tractor work done for the neighbours so that invoices aren’t missed.

Like I say, they’re pretty amazing people, as recently profiled in AgWomen Global (click here to read article)

* Note - George is very good at wearing a helmet on the motorbike, and just took it off for the purpose of having his photo taken

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