Hazardous Substances

11 September 2018 by Louise Wallace

WorkSafe have made some changes in the last few months around Hazardous Substances.

You need to keep an inventory of the hazardous substances you use, handle, manufacture or store at your workplace.
For each substance in your inventory you need to include:
* the product or chemical name, and the UN number, if available
* the maximum amount likely to be at your workplace
* its location (eg indoor storage cabinet, dangerous goods store)
* any specific storage and segregation requirements (eg substances it is incompatible with or whether it has to be 
   held in a closed container)
* a current SDS or condensed version of its key information (eg a product safety card). A product safety card 
   presents key information from an SDS in a condensed way.

Your inventory must include any hazardous waste and:
* describe its nature as closely as possible (eg flammable waste, corrosive waste, chlorinated solvent waste)
* list the maximum amount of the waste likely to be at the workplace
* identify the location of the waste
* state any specific requirements for storing or segregating the substance.

A great resource if you haven't found it yet, is the Worksafe website...it has endless information for all things
health and safety; but to check out the hazardous substances section Click here

Disclaimer: Please remember we cannot "advise" you on Health and Safety;  We are merely providing you a courtesy tool and information, to make it easier for you, as the Duty Holder (or to pass on to the appropriate person) to be informed of the changes in regulations around hazardous substances.  Ultimately the responsibility lies with you as Duty Holders to make sure that all information recorded is accurate and up-to-date; and that all processes outside of Cloud Farmer are also followed; in order to be up-to-date with current regulations.

Here is a "snapshot" of how a Compliant Cloud Farmer Inventory looks, so that you can understand what changes you need to make to your column headings: If you need us to make these changes, let us know.
We know it makes for a really wide table, thanks WorkSafe!

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