Todays Shout Out - Chipinga, Hawke's Bay

Todays Shout Out - Chipinga, Hawke's Bay

04 February 2019 by Gretchen King

“It’s brilliant!”

Like most of our clients, Caroline and Geoff are busy.  Caroline runs their 240 Ha block near Te Pohue on the Napier-Taupo road, while Geoff has his own electrical business in town.  They’re running South Devon cows plus up to 600 hinds, and Caroline manages to do most of it with two special helpers  - their kids.  Anyone who has wee ones knows that some days just getting out the door with little kids in tow is hard, let alone running the farm, so naturally anything that was going to make life easier was appealing and her neighbours, Paul and Harriet Whiteside, had just the answer: Cloud Farmer!

Caroline’s really enjoying being able to input all her farm records while out on-farm. “It makes my life so much easier than having to deal with it when she gets home and amongst the family and children”. I'm sure many of you can relate to the juggle! 

We even added a feature to her system so that she can record stock-shifts and with a dropdown list of her paddocks.  "Keeping track of where stock are is fantastic".

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